Does anti-radiation clothing actually work?

Firstly, what is EMF radiation? An electromagnetic field (EMF) is an area of moving electrical charges. Some EMFs, especially those involving ionizing radiation, can be harmful. There are typically two types of EMF: Ionizing and non-ionizing. Fields of ionizing radiation have higher frequencies and shorter wavelengths, this includes gamma rays, which can help treat cancer, and X-rays. Non-ionizing has a longer wavelength and a lower frequency this can include UV from sunbeds and radiation from microwaves. 

So what are the risks and to whom? Electric line installers, cable jointers, welders and aircraft pilots are regularly exposed to high levels of electromagnetic fields in their line of work.

How can EMF radiation affect your health?

High doses of ionizing radiation can cause immediate damage:

  • Burns
  • Hair loss
  • Skin Damage
  • Organ and tissue damage
  • Damage to and developing fetus
  • Damage to bone marrow

Long-term health problems can include:

  • Oxidative damage
  • Fertility complications
  • Effects on a developing fetus
  • Cancer

Although many people may not feel the effects of EMF radiation, there are many electronics that you probably have in your life emitting EMF radiation and you haven’t realised the serious dangers until you’ve started to feel the effects. Even if you haven’t felt the effects yet it can still be harmful to your long-term health which is why you want to be careful.

There are ways to protect yourself from EMF radiation without going completely off the grid and deciding to get rid of all your wireless devices. One of these ways that you can protect yourself is by wearing anti-radiation clothing.

Does anti-radiation clothing work? 

Anti-radiation clothing can block out some EMF radiation, but it might not be doing all that you think it is. Think of your EMF apparel or anti-radiation clothing as lowering your exposure to EMF radiation, not completely blocking it out. 

What is anti-radiation clothing? 

Anti-radiation clothing or EMF apparel is clothing that feels and looks like the typical clothing that you wear daily but protects you from EMF exposure. The way that these products protect you from EMF and the only difference from your day clothes is to use EMF shielding material to protect against EMF. A blend of material such as copper, silver, stainless steel with fibres like cotton or silk creates anti-radiation clothing. It depends on the anti-radiation clothing that you purchase and how well you’re protecting yourself from EMF exposure in other ways. Click here to see the anti-radiation clothing we stock at Eltham Workwear. You should never just be counting on anti-radiation clothing to protect you by itself. 

To summarise

Overall, anti-radiation clothing does work depending on the situation and the circumstances. However, you shouldn’t depend on your anti-radiation clothing to entirely keep you safe from EMF exposure. It’s always a good idea to take precautions against harmful EMF in other ways than just wearing anti-radiation apparel. A few of these are to limit your interaction with things that give off EMF exposure. The information above will help you decide whether you want to use anti-radiation apparel.

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