The best workwear for women

Here at Eltham Workwear, we know how difficult it is to shop for workwear that is specifically designed for women. This is why we choose to exclusively stock and provide women with workwear options that also put their safety first. Ill-fitted clothing can hamper the effectiveness of women at work by making them more prone to accidents, such as tripping over their workwear or having it get caught in machinery. Although Eltham Workwear services generally male-dominated industries, we make sure to stock versions of as many lines of workwear for women as possible.

When women see no clothing options for them in a particular industry, especially if it’s known to be a male-dominated industry, they could be put off going to work in that profession due to feeling they might not be accepted. This only adds to the problem. With this in mind, we want all clothing choices to feel inclusive and all people to feel welcome in whatever industry they  choose. Keep reading to find out more about women’s workwear and our best choices here at Eltham Workwear! 

The best workwear for women 

In 2017, women’s PPE organization “TUC” investigated workwear for women. TUC found that only three in ten women (or 29% of women) wear protective clothing that is specifically  designed for women’s safety at work. There is a legal duty, on employers, to provide the correct PPE to their staff – free of charge. 

TUC’s report also revealed that: 

  • Over half of the women from the survey (57%) said that their PPE significantly hampered their work – this included 95% of women who said they worked in emergency services. 
  • More than two in five (41%) women said that the protective trousers that were given to them were inappropriate for work. 
  • More than one in three (35%) found their overalls were unsuitable for carrying out their work duties. 
  • Problems were found to be particularly severe when women became pregnant. The report revealed that half of the women who were pregnant, were forced to cut back on their work duties, or eventually had to change their role, due to the lack of suitable PPE available to them. 

Eltham Workwear is here to help, and we’ve prepared a list of the best workwear for women that we offer. Keep reading to find out more! 

Hi-visibility jacket

Eltham Workwear is proud to offer the best-selling traffic jacket, which has been adapted specifically with women in mind and provides a more flattering fit. All the exceptional features of the standard traffic jacket are retained in this garment whilst the studded side vents can  provide the preferred fit of the wearer. Click here to read more about our best-selling jacket! 

Action trousers

Workwear trousers are a necessity in many workplaces therefore, women need tailored trousers. Our trousers at Eltham Workwear are tailored specifically to the female form and have an array of practical features including multiple zip pockets. Read more about our action trousers here! 


To provide safety, women’s workwear needs to be tested. Our specially designed overalls at  Eltham Workwear are ideal for the high demands of your industry. Our innovative coverall is specially tailored for females and provides high-quality protection. This perfect fit is combined with a soft touch fabric which provides outstanding all-day comfort. Explore more about our overalls here! 

Three-in-one jacket 

Eltham Workwear knows that even some unisex jackets do not fit women due to the design and  manufacturing, because they were developed with men in mind. Therefore, our classic jacket at Eltham Workwear is a good fit for women. This three-in-one jacket is streamlined to reduce the bulkiness women often feel in a four-season jacket. The longer line back panel and a discreet  

waist adjustment makes this a contemporary silhouette which also gives a flattering smooth front. You can find our three-in-one jacket here! 

Eltham Workwear is happy to be inclusive and provide women with high-grade workwear options. Although you’ll find that a lot of our clothing is “unisex”, it’s extremely important to us that we stock clothing specifically designed for women to ensure maximum safety.

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