Top 5 must-have clothing items for construction, trade and builders

Whether you work in trade, construction, or as a builder, you will know that you must wear protective clothing to prevent potential accidents and the hazards of the working environment. As a site worker, you are exposed to many hazards that can cause injury or even death and this is why you are required, by law, to wear protective clothing and accessories to prevent injury. We have put together this handy guide outlining Eltham Workwear’s top 5 must-have clothing items for construction, trade, and builders. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Steel toe cap boots

Here at Eltham Workwear, one of our top 5 must-have workwear items are steel-toed boots. We provide high-performing, comfortable, and safe steel-toe boots. Our steel-toe boots are ideal for many working environments and can help prevent a wide range of accidents, including slips and falls. Additionally, the material of steel-toed boots means they can help prevent other injuries like cuts, burns, and possible punctures. As you know, wearing proper footwear is key to protecting your feet from the many possible on-site dangers. This also includes protection from arc flash and electrostatic discharges! Looking for a new pair? Check out our collection of boots here.

2. Work trousers

Specialised safety trousers, such as fire retardant, high visibility, or cut-resistant – we have got them all! The correct trousers are needed, by law, when working in construction or trade and different work environments require different specifications of trousers. Click here to browse our collection of work trousers

3. Safety gloves

Safety gloves are essential attire for many workplaces and can help protect you against hazards such as cuts, abrasions, chemical burns, or actual crushing, whilst at the same time giving the wearer the maximum comfort, grip, and dexterity. Are you feeling overwhelmed by the wide selection of gloves on the market? Can’t find which safety glove would best fit your needs? Don’t worry – we’re here for you. If you have any problems finding the right glove to suit your needs, please get in touch. Have a look at our safety glove range here.

4. Headgear

Eltham Workwear provides workers with a wide range of top-quality headgear choices, designed to offer protection against impact from falling objects or debris. The proper headgear may also protect you from the weather, for example, the cold, heat, rain, and therefore, can prevent glare, sunburn, and sunstroke (and having your day ruined by getting soaked!).

On average, hundreds of workers per year suffer from fatal head injuries. According to HSE, 16% percent of fatal injuries in 2019/20 were caused by being struck by something that is moving, including flying or falling objects. Browse our headwear online now and get protected today.

5. Eyewear

Safety eyewear is a key element of PPE and is mandatory on most sites. Eyewear can help protect against debris, particles or dust in the air, chemicals or splashback of harmful liquids, glare, and UV light rays. Additionally, if you are a welder or work with lasers or fibre optics, you are required to use specially designed eyewear like goggles, face shields, or helmets. Whatever the eyewear or face shield you require – we have the type to suit your profession. Interested? Click here to explore.Eltham Workwear recommends trying to keep as safe as possible on-site, and wearing protective clothing, shoes, and headgear is the first step to keeping a safe work environment. Your workplace may have different rules depending on your profession or environment, but taking precautions is always beneficial to prevent accidents, injuries, or fatalities.

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